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Blakkbox Debuts at the Pool Tradeshow

February 28, 2006

Blakkbox Debuts at the Pool Tradeshow

On February 20th, blakkbox debuted their men’s clothing line at the POOL Tradeshow at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Showcased in the Charm School CO-OP showroom, the line was picked up by several Japanese retailers as well as featured in the February 20th issue of DNR magazine.
Clothing for the revolutionary aristocracy, the collection is designed by and for blakkbox.   A uniform designed to facilitate their lives of socializing, surfing, designing, and smuggling around the corners of the earth from Calcutta to Beirut.  Hand-produced at blakkbox studios in LA and New York, their t-shirts are the first step in a line that will reflect a new world without borders.

blakkbox is a team of punk journalists who chill in rogue regimes and failed states in the same way one would hang in the Hamptons.  In a post 9/11 world when even traveling to Europe seemed dangerous, blakkbox started going everywhere on the State Department’s no-go list.  From rare incense in warlord Somalia to luxury yachts in Yemen, blakkbox uncovers the best secrets of the world’s worst political situations -- and surf and skate like fiends on the way there.  They find undiscovered everything from underground art and music in war zones to lost cities and shipwrecks in the Red Sea, carrying no luggage but surfboards, skateboards and a stack of AK’s.

Articles by and about blakkbox have been featured in VICE, PAPER, The Surfer’s Journal, Anthem, Blackbook and Transworld Surf.  For more information and a press kit, please visit