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686 Announces the Winners of the ACE Art Contest!

March 16, 2006

686 Announces the Winners of the ACE Art Contest! 

IRVINE, CA—March 16, 2006  —  686 received over 100 submissions from artists all around the world who wanted to be the next 686 ACE (Artist Collaboration Effort) Artist.  We had such a hard time narrowing down the field that we ended up picking three winners to be featured on a 686 jacket, pant or t-shirt for 2007-2008! Thanks to all the talented artists who participated, it was definitely a tough decision. 

The winners were:
Mike Deruzhskiy (Enkosynthesys) from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 

Ta Viosine (Zema) from Montreal, Canada, and...

Luigi Carra from Parma, Italy. 

Each artist brought something different to the table, from specially-created 686 logos to existing works that they thought fit into the ACE program.   

The winners will spend the next few weeks designing the custom artwork that they want submitted.  From there, they will work hand in hand with the 686 design team to come up with the pieces that will be featured in the 2007-2008 686 ACE Collection.  Once the jacket is designed, the artists will be able to go through the entire 686 line to choose 1500 bucks worth of products.  That’s a whole lotta Toolbelts™.   

The 686 ACE (Artist Collaboration Effort) began in 1999 to bring artists from all different spectrums together into the world of technical apparel.  ACE is based upon the concept of working with artists to feature their original designs in 686 jackets and pants.  The ACE line provides both technical and fashion-forward garments for variable riding conditions.  Past ACE artists include such notables as  Shephard Fairey, Dalek, Yogi Proctor, Jim Houser, Andy Howell, Nin Troung, Jamie Reid, Rich Jacobs, Bigfoot, Marc McKee, Caroline Hwang, and Andy Jenkins. 

The contest winner’s top-secret designs will be showcased at the 2006 ACE Artist Showcase TBA, the SIA Tradeshow in Las Vegas, and on  Thanks to everyone who took the time to submit a design.  A huge congratulations goes out to Enkosynthesys, Zema and Luigi—welcome to the 686 family! You can visit the works of the winners online at ,, and Carra).  

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—Westlife Distribution U.S.A. LLC—