Back to News is ready to make it's mark on the online skateboarding world.

April 3, 2006 is ready to make it's mark on the online skateboarding world.

After a few months in development and about 1400 test users,
www.myskatelife.comis finally ready to make it's mark on the online skateboarding world. With the popularity of such social networking sites as myspace and friendster there has always been a call for a sophisticated and easy to use web portal just for skaters. We are pleased to announce that we are opening our doors to the general public of skateboarders from around the world.

Backed by the knowledge of 10 year veteran web junkie and 15 year skateboarder, Wil Waldon, we know how to get things done. Skaters can post profiles with unlimited pictures, post bulletins, interactive forums, mail, exchange event dates on our public calender, post comments, grow an extended friends list of online and real life buddies and find people using our skater-map. Users can customize thier profiles using CSS just like on

The site can be used to plan out road trips with the skater map. Just click the state you want to find people in and it shows every single person that has signed up for the site in that state. You can contact anyone on the map and plan out your trip within a few minutes.

My Skate Life also boasts a magazine section with over 50 skateboard related articles and reviews as well as videos from all over the web.

Future plans include more interactive elements such as blogging, video chat, audio chat, video blogging and a totally customizable look and feel.

Myskatelife is run by skaters and will always be run by skaters. We are proud to be called skateboarders and will make this site live up to the high standards of the skateboarding community.