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INNES announces the appointment of Industry Vet, Glenn Brumage

April 7, 2006

INNES announces the appointment of Industry Vet, Glenn Brumage to the post of Vice President, Sales and Marketing.

4/1/2006, North County San Diego, California

As an integral step in reorganizing Innes, Matt Hensley has hired Glenn Brumage as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Glenn has vast experience in Sales Management, as a Sales Rep, Retail manager and buyer. He understands the market from every aspect.  He most recently worked for Surf More XM as they re-organized their sales efforts.  When he was a rep, Glenn Brumage Sales Inc., topped out at over 5 million in sales in the CA, AZ, NV market.

Matt told us, “We always had the vision and we knew where we wanted to go. We just didn’t have professional people doing the job. We never had a real Sales Manager”. 

“We knew Glenn was the right man from day one. Glenn is a no Bullshit guy. He does what it takes to get the job done.”

“I see Innes as an incredibly strong brand that’s poised for a very positive future. The brand awareness is incredible. People from entirely disparate back grounds recognize the swallow logo. Our dealers have had great sell through. The product is flat out attractive and the company is legit.”

“The founders and I believe the same values are important in running your business as well as your life. The timing was right for me to take this incredible opportunity. I’m proud to have been chosen to join Matt at Innes.”

Glenn’s first job will be to reconnect Innes’ Domestic sales reps and International distributors with the company and its retail network. He’ll also be hiring new reps for some territories. His long term goals will be to help make Innes retailer friendly. “The kind of company that shops love to do business with.”

Innes was started in 1996 by Matt and Chris Hensley as a true skateboard clothing  company. Our clothing is built around “Timeless Style” not “flavor of the week”. Matt Hensley says, “I don’t believe in the word “Fashion”. I believe in style!”

Innes is the Scottish clan name of Matt and Chris’ mothers’ family. The Family Crest Motto “Be Traist” means to be Trustworthy. The Swallow logo comes from early sailors tattoos worn by Matt. It’s a very old design worn to signify their commitment to loyalty, family and always to return home. These are the foundations at Innes clothing. Our family is the sport of skateboarding and we’ll always be loyal to it.

Our designs stay current while being rooted in skateboarding and the music scene.

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