Industry News 4/18/2006

Jon Foster to Judge the Pro Photo Showdown!

Jon Foster to Judge the Pro Photo Showdown!

Solana Beach, CA–For his sixth time, Creative Director and Photo Editor of The Snowboard Journal, Jon Foster will flank photography legends Aaron Chang, Grant Brittain and Eric Berger to judge the 2006 Pro Photographer Showdown held in Whistler, BC.  Held inside the Telus Whistler Conference Center’s Sea to Sky Ballroom, this audio/visual mega production will feature the photographic riches of Jeremy Koreski, Blake Jorgensen, Scott Pommier, Corey Rich and Kevin Zacher.
Photographers come from a variety of action sports, and year after year, give viewers a look at the words best images. This years open submission format had more than sixty entrants with five finalists selected to compete for the 2006 bragging rights and a $10,000 grand prize.  “This event is like a living room slideshow where each photographer gets to share their best images and stories from their different points of view.  It’s also great place to see new talent,” said Foster. “The only difference is this living room holds about 1,500 people.”

The Showdown is open to the public and will be held tomorrow (April 19th) at 8:00pm. 

Also open to the public is a workshop and photo forum where Foster, Chang, Brittain and Berger will be available to answer questions about today’s shooting, editing and submitting needs—a perfect place to get the insight from the industries best.

Tickets to the Showdown sell out fast, but if you’ve thought ahead and are already holding, stop by to say hi to Jon and the rest of the judges.  They’d love to see you.