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The Program* Hires Public Relations Firm Enright Communications

April 20, 2006

The Program* Hires Public Relations Firm Enright Communications

NEW YORK, NY – April 20, 2006 – NYC’s Enright Communications, a leading marketing communications firm for lifestyle brands, today announced it has been selected by The Program* as its agency of record.  Through this bi-coastal union, Enright will work hand-in-hand with The Program* to increase brand awareness and mainstream media exposure for its quiver of industry-leading snow brands including Forum Snowboards, Special Blend Outerwear, Foursquare Outerwear and Jeenyus.

“Last year we tested the waters by working with Enright on a per-project basis, and they did an outstanding job which made re-enlisting their services on a larger scale for 2006 a no-brainer,” said The Program*’s Marketing Manager Evan Rose.  “Enright clearly has the passion, and they understand the snowboarding industry from the inside-out making them an excellent representative for our brands.  We’re excited to be working with Enright and definitely value their support.”

In the year ahead, Enright will execute an array of strategic marketing communications tactics on behalf of The Program* aimed at exposing new audiences to the core lifestyle brand’s many facets.  Additionally, The Program* and its bevy of brands will take full advantage of Enright’s product showroom at its midtown Manhattan office to conduct one-on-one appointments with fashion stylists and editors from major print and broadcast media outlets.

About The Program*

Based in Irvine, CA, with international distribution centers in Tokyo, Japan, and Innsbruck, Austria, The Program* manufactures some of the most progressive hardgoods, outerwear, streetwear and accessories available in the snowboarding industry today through its tight-knit family of brands including Forum Snowboards, Special Blend Outerwear, Foursquare Outerwear and Jeenyus.  Relying heavily upon its deep roots in the snowboarding world, as well as invaluable design direction and technical input from its team of world-class pro riders, The Program* strives to create products that will continually exceed the demanding needs of snowboarding’s most discerning “core” rider without alienating entry level riders who are the future of the sport.  For more information on The Program*, please visit:

About Enright Communications, Inc.

Headquartered in Manhattan’s garment district, Enright Communications was founded in January 2004 to serve as a competitively priced alternative for lifestyle brands looking to effectively expand their reach and exposure in a cost-conscious manner.  As action sports and lifestyle related properties begin to garner a more mainstream focus, Enright is there to help these brands increase visibility with the mass market in an authentic manner while maintaining credibility with all-important core audiences.  Enright prides itself on actually living the lifestyle it represents and is firmly committed to consistently providing top-notch service and tangible results that will exceed client expectations.  Enright doesn’t just represent brands; Enright is brands.  To view Enright’s complete client roster, please visit the company’s website at: