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Take Back the River

May 11, 2006


DVS Presents “Take Back the River,” an epic journey into the heart of darkness. In other words, there is a tour planned for Europe from July 12 –July 20, 2006. On this occasion, Thomas Horrell, Danny Hampson, Aaron Reed, Myles Vickers, Jim Leatherman and Sam Ratto will be making their way across the Atlantic to Manchester, England where they will rendezvous with the double deck “Double Decadence” Bus. The bus will then take them to Wakestock for the three day event and demo that will be going down with the DVS rails and some all night dance parties on the top floor of the bus with the hot tub. From Wakestock, the team will be heading down to Prague on the 16th of July for a little “lake time” where they will dance on some foreign waters. Prague should be pretty mellow. Most likely, they will just be playing board games and drinking coffee. After that, it’s back to the USA.

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