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Victoria Skimboards Turns 30 Years Old

July 5, 2006

Victoria Skimboards Turns 30 Years Old

Laguna Beach CA, 07/2/2006 - Staying afloat as a business for thirty years in any industry these days is a feat only few small businesses can claim. Amidst the change of the economy, population and trends, it is a constant creative hustle to stay not only on top of, but ahead of the game. Staying afloat in the action sports industry as a skimboard company is a feat only one business can claim…and Victoria Skimboards is proud to announce its 30th anniversary celebration at Ocean Avenue Brewery in Laguna Beach Ca. July 26 2006 at 9:00 pm.

Since its humble resin covered garage floor beginnings, Victoria Skimboards has strived to bring skimboarding to the world. Being a constant innovator, Victoria has had to adjust its image and manufacturing process to stay ahead of the times and its competitors. Over the past few years Victoria has not only grown as a company but has been a major factor in helping the maturation of the skimboarding industry.

The family at Victoria Skimboards has seen the times and styles change in the action sports business since 1976 and wish to share apiece of the history and legacy that Victoria Skimboards and skimboarding has had on people and communities all over the world with the celebration of three decades of the “skimming” life style.

About Victoria Skimboards: For 30 years Victoria Skimboards has been committed to creating the highest quality product on the market by not subscribing to preconceived notions. We gather our inspirations from our skimboard roots and the creative individuals we sponsor and employ. Progression comes from constant innovation and meeting the needs of those creative individuals. It is our responsibility to forever support the sport of skimboarding and help grow the level of participation. The driving force behind Victoria Skimboards is integrity, passion, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Skimboarding is what we do and love.