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Matt Hensley decides to personally bring on the INNES “Hell on Wheels” Demo tour.

August 1, 2006

Matt Hensley decides to personally bring on the INNES “Hell on Wheels” Demo tour.

Matt Hensley has decided to run a vintage demo tour through the Mid-west, up and down the East coast. It’s old school all the way as Matt drives the team from Minneapolis to Tampa in a whirlwind two weeks between his Flogging Molly tour dates.  

Glenn Brumage, V.P. Sales & Marketing, filled us in. “We’re customizing a 33’ RV in flat black and leopard print. Then running it out to Third Lair in Minneapolis. Everyone on the team meets up there and packs it into the bus for two weeks, eighteen states and over 3,500 miles. Matt flies in from over a month of concerts in Europe and flies out for gigs in London and Spain the day after the last Demo at SPOT in Florida.
It’s gonna be a hell of a lot of fun (glad I’m not doing it all). Someone’s got to watch the store”

The innes skate team consists of Matt Hensley, Matt Mumford, Jason Adams, JT Aultz, Kristian Svitak, Peter Watkins and Chris Troy. Some members will be flying in and out during the tour. Some of our Regional Flow team members will also be joining the tour along the way.
Barring unforeseen circumstances, the schedule is as follows,
Aug. 9              Third Lair                               Minneapolis MN
Aug. 10             Undercover                         Appleton WI
Aug. 11             Warp                                    Woodstock IL
Aug. 12             Key Skate                           Indianapolis, IN
Aug. 13             Ohio Surfnskate                Cleveland, OH
Aug. 14             NJ Skate shop                    Philly, PA
Aug. 15             Twin Cities                           Lewiston, ME
Aug. 16             CDsk8tshop (signing)      NY, NY
Aug. 16             Overboard                          Moorestown, NJ
Aug. 19             Skatepark of Greenville Greenville SC
Aug. 20             Progressive                       Canton, GA
Aug. 21             Hazard                                McDonough, GA
Aug. 22             Boards                                Jacksonville, FL
Aug. 23             688 Skatepark (signing)Tampa, FL
Aug. 23             Skatepark                          Tampa, FL

Innes’ unique style stems from the deep convictions of founder Matt Hensley. As a professional skater and member of the band Flogging Molly, skateboarding and music are his life. Innes clothing is built around “Timeless Style” not “flavor of the week”.
Matt Hensley states, “I don’t believe in the word “Fashion”. I believe in style!”
Innes is the Scottish clan name of Matt’s family. The Family Crest sports the motto “Be Traist”. It simply means to be Trustworthy. The Swallow logo is a very old design worn to signify sailors’ loyalty, family and commitment to return home. These are the foundations at Innes clothing. Our family is the sport of skateboarding and music. We’ll always be loyal to them.
The Innes line continues to grow into a representation of vintage style.
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