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Ted Wueste Joins F54 as VP of Sales and Strategic Marketing

August 1, 2006

Ted Wueste Joins F54 as VP of Sales and Strategic Marketing

Newport Beach, CA – Factor54 is pleased to announce the addition of Ted Wueste to its lineup as COO and Vice President of Sales and Strategic marketing. Wueste, a Newport Beach resident joins company founder and president Todd Miller as the company enters its next phase of growth in the surf/skate apparel market.

“I had been exchanging ideas with Ted for a few months and felt that he shared the same passion for this lifestyle, excitement for our creative signature and, clearly, a similar vision for the future development of the company as I did.” said Todd Miller, President of Factor 54. The recognition of our brand identity and the development of our core market have been essential for F54 as it moves to its next phase of retail development and planned growth.

“I’m super pumped to work with Todd and the rest of our team as we take the company to the next level. The interest from the surf/skate retailers has been amazing as there is a clear need to introduce fresh and exciting alternatives to the established brands that have been dominant in the action sports retail space. We are already stepping up our space and manpower capacity to handle the demand that the company is experiencing in the marketplace. Our challenge now is to sustain and manage growth and the demand from the partners while maintaining our commitment to the core surf/skate shops and most importantly, to our customer audience!” said Wueste from their Costa Mesa headquarters.

Hailing from the east coast, Wueste now calls Newport Beach his home and can usually be found surfing the beaches of Newport and skating around his neighborhood where Factor54 takes its namesake. “I grew up skating ramps and parks and BMX racing on the east coast and have extended that education with surfing here on the West Coast.  This is my passion and I have found my dream job and lifestyle here.  The scene is insane, surfing the Newport Jetties is at times like an industry conference as well as showpiece for what is home to some really great talent in both surf and skate. I am amazed at the level of talent already present on the surf and skate teams with riders like Cordell Miller, Bryce Dehaan, Blake Davis, Victor Done and Corey Landvogt as well as solid representation on the skate team from groms like: Bobby Lenke, Chris Ocampo, Jake Rueter, Shane Butler and George Kliorikaitis.

Retail Inquiries for Factor54 can be sent to: [email protected]or contact directly at 949-500-0829. General inquiries should be sent to: [email protected]