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Billabong Debuts New Web Site

August 16, 2006


Completely Revamping the Entire Site, Billabong Brings
Flash Video, and a Full Array of Fresh Interactive Content

Irvine CA. Billabong USA debuted a brand new website this month, showcasing the complete line of products and wetsuits, as well as expanding the team, gallery, video, and news coverage.

After launching the new Billabong Girls’ site earlier in the summer to very positive reviews, Billabong decided it was time to completely revamp the Men’s main site, moving from HTML to a full and frenzied Flash experience.

“The worldwide web is one of the most important mediums our audience uses,” says Graham Stapelberg, VP of Marketing for Billabong USA. “We intend for our website to be in a leading position in the board sports industry.”

The new Billabong USA website brings a full range of Internet aspects which have totally changed the look and feel of the site. There is a complete interactive catalog of the products, a killer wetsuit department, expanded gallery with many more images, a dynamic content with daily news features, plus team coverage and a full interactive calendar. The video emphasis is perhaps the most noticeable addition.

“Our video navigation bar may be the first in our business” notes Jon Chambers the Web Manager at Billabong USA. “We plan on continuing to improve the site on a daily basis.”

As the explosive growth of the Internet and the presence of on-line media continues to grow, Billabong has aimed its sites on developing content which allows its family of customers to access all the events going on at Billabong worldwide.

“With all the competitions we hold, along with the top athletes on our team, Billabong produces an enormous amount of great material and we want to leverage this content in the best way possible,” say Stapelberg. “Board riders love what we do – the web is the best place to share that with them.”