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Bataleon Snowboards Names 2006/07 Rep Force

September 26, 2006

Bataleon Snowboards Names 2006/07 Rep Force

Bataleon Snowboards is proud to announce that the following reps will put their lives and careers on the line for the technology that will change snowboarding forever. Spreading the word on Bataleon and Triple Base Technology this winter are:

Steve Goetz – Pacific Northwest – We met Steve during a local tradeshow in Hood River last autumn and hooked him up with a deck so he could test Bataleon and Triple Base Technology. He called us from the slopes still wearing his boots to say that he wanted to rep our line! Steve is a well seasoned sales rep that knows his business and some business of other people that know some other peoples business. Steve is also working as a stand in for Wild Bill in various western movies over the off season to support his surf trips to tropical places and to save up for a boat so he can go wakeboarding while wearing shorts from his and his brothers company Imperial Motion. Contact [email protected]

Lisa Sagato – East Coast – Bataleon survived the first year with Crazy Lisa. It was a close call during the last years SIA tradeshow in Vegas. It was when Int. sales manager Dennis Dusseldorp and Art director Danny Kiebert wanted to get some inspiration for future graphics and sales strategies in a gentlemen’s club and Lisa refused to come inside. When the boys asked her to wait in the car until they had gathered enough info, Lisa’s reaction contained words that we can’t print and the boys ended up walking back to the hotel the next morning after spending their last cash on eastern European female consultancy. Contact [email protected]

Keith Ryan – New England States – Keith has a long history of snowboarding which helps in this line of work. He’s also a professional photographer and Keith is already working the New England area with Quantum Optics and some surf related brands. He’s a great addition to the Bataleon team and unfortunately has not yet told Lisa that he’s even shorter than she is and will not be much help in setting up the EZup or carrying any heavy equipment to the Stratton on-snow demo’s. Contact: [email protected]

The following guys are so addicted to Triple Base Technology that they turned down several high profile job-offers from flat companies and Bataleon is happy that they still hang around;

Dennis Dusseldorp – International sales manager – He has a passion for Bataleon and has been putting more time on the road than Poison did during their ’89 Tour and knows almost the entire crew of United Airlines by name. Dennis comes from a history of professional snowboarding in Europe and swears that the myspace photo’s of him on the magazine cover is really him. The other reason he works for Bataleon is that his surfing skills are too poor to get him a job in the surf industry yet. So we keep him away from the ocean as much as possible and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for now.

Tim Bean – North American Operations Manager – I’m sure that it will only be a matter of time before Tim moves on to crew chief for Tony Stewart but until then he will use his 21 years of snowboarding and 12 years of sales experience to help the team out repping the Midwest and running daily operations. Tim’s wife politely but insistently asked him to remove the Dodge team van with trailer from their property, threatening she will take the kids and move to San Diego and away from the freezing MI winters. That trailer will be long gone as it will be up for an 18 week demo tour throughout the US. Contact [email protected]

Signed up full time on the posse this year is Danny Kiebert as Art director. – Danny will be actively seeking pink kitty sweaters from Idaho gas stations to make sure that he does not go unnoticed by the ladies during upcoming SIA. The kick ass and very hip Bataleon Snowboard graphics will most definitely not go unnoticed and so we signed up with Danny for life to avoid him being taken over by some hot shot NY design agency. In his spare time he’s designing manonthemoon int. t-shirts and for your info he’s still sleeping with toy teddy named Korv.

If you need any additional info on Bataleon Snowboards you can reach us at the following digits and electronic routes.

[email protected]