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Terry Kidwell “The Father of Freestyle” signs board deal with StepChild snowboards.

October 2, 2006

Terry Kidwell “The Father of Freestyle” signs board deal with StepChild snowboards.

Terry Kidwell influenced a lot of key people in the early days of snowboarding. It’s those early days that helped make snowboarding what it is today. That is why Stepchild Snowboards is proud to announce a collectable TK Edition Terry Kidwell pro model that will be available in stores September 2007. “We have a young up and coming team right now but we still respect what the pioneers have done to get us to where we are today. Kidwell has always been my hero-I used to have a fake ID with his name on it.” Says Sean Johnson-StepChild founder. If you look at some of the photos of Terry from the mid eighties, they are still legit by today’s standards. “Terry was able to do mctwists and 540’s that looked good by today’s standards only he did it in a 5 ft deep halfpipe with banks for transitions.”-Tom Burt.

Terry was one of the people that was able to make riding look good in a time when there were no highbacks, pipe dragons or metal edges on a snowboard. They were very talented people that used what little resources they had to make snowboarding look good-they were not making near the money that even an average pro makes today. “Its funny” says Terry “when I look back at it cause when I won the first worlds in 1984 I got $150 for first place.” Terry Kidwell was the top dog of the early day snowboarders. He was the world halfpipe champion from 1984-1987 a span of 4 years.

Terry still resides in Lake Tahoe and is usually out doggin’ it up in the powder during the winter months. If you are lucky enough to see him ride you’ll recognize that classic Kidwell style that he’s still got. It’s easy to say that the pioneers did it for the pure love of the sport-not for the money, the fame or the fashion and that’s what StepChild is all about-so pull out your 4 year old stinky snowboard boots, your moms mittens and do whatever you can to get to the hill this winter-cause in the end its just about having a good time and hooking up with friends-isn’t that sweet.

StepChild is entering into its 5th year of brodution. The Pro Team currently consists of Simon Chamberlain, Stian Solberg, and Fredu Sirvio.

Bigger Hearts Than Brains-StepChild Snowboards