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Liquid Boardwear Launches Sponsorship Program

October 2, 2006

Liquid Boardwear Launches Sponsorship Program

Montreal, QC – Liquid Boardwear has launched its Sponsorship Program.  Think of it as the American Idol of snowboarding.  Here’s the chance for up and coming riders to finally get what’s due.  The concept is really quite simple:  upload your footage and the strongest AM riders get sponsored.

Instead of Paula Abdul and Simon judging you, Jeff Meyer, pro rider for Liquid Boardwear, will analyze, scrutinize and pick thru the footage determining who joins Liquid and who does not.

“We support up and coming riders and love sushi, what else is there in life” states Liquid master of propaganda.  “Come one, come all, pow turns, cliff drops, park lines, rail attacks, if you have style and want some recognition we’re interested.”

The program is simple.  Go to, click on the team section and follow the yellow brick road to upload your videos and photos.  Riders will be selected in the coming weeks, so that they’ll be fully dressed when the snow really starts to fly.

About Liquid Boardwear:   Liquid Boardwear is focused on supporting upcoming riders.    Liquid Boardwear is a convergence of tech and style.  It’s a company reflective of its passion on snow, building real life clothing for real life riders.