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Liquid Boardwear Sponsorship Program Signs New Riders

October 19, 2006

Liquid Boardwear Sponsorship Program Signs New Riders

Montreal, QC – The Liquid Boardwear Sponsorship Program has signed on 7 new riders to the growing AM team.  All riders uploaded their footage onto  The footage was reviewed and scrutinized by everyone at Liquid Boardwear.  With hundred of entries, these 7 guys and girls proved themselves to be the best of the bunch.  This program is ongoing, so keep posting your footage.

Below is the list of the riders along with comments from Jeff Meyer, resident pro.

Laurie Ferland – Quebec – “Dominates the boxes.  Smooth and controlled style.  Her gap to boardslides set her riding apart.”

Michael Anderson – Pennsylvania – “Excels at all riding types.  Kid is young and dedicated…a lethal combo.”

AJ Beckwith – Massachusetts – “Stomps a down flat down boardslide to frontside 270 out.  Nuff said!”

Mark Wilson – Minnesota – “Video is sick.  With a cab 180 to frontside shifty, I was sold.  Kid is good.”

Steve Reeves – Colorado – “Professional grade.  Mean S rail domination.”

Josh Eichen – Vermont – “Rides with a cool, calm demeanor.  He’s got rails, park and backcountry skills.”

Kevin Smith – BC – “All around park dominator.  Smooth spins.  Super comfortable on rails too.”

Welcome to the team!  It’s going to be a great season.