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Creative Deployment Inks Deal With Octagon To Build

October 23, 2006

Creative Deployment Inks Deal With Octagon To Build

At Octagon, sports and entertainment are their passions. And it's been that way for nearly four decades.

Their 1,000 employees in 60 offices across 24 countries help many of the world's top companies, organizations, athletes and personalities tap into these passions to drive impressive business results. will be a portal to showcase Octagons most impressive pool of talent in the Action Sports industry including athletes such as Paul Rodriguez, Ryan Sheckler and Travice Rice

"Creative Deployment is a group of the most qualified creatives and web developers in all of Action Sports. We are very excited to have a group that has the experience and enthusiasm for our talent and our needs"
-Circe Wallace

Creative Deployment’s redesign goes live.

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Creative Deployment is happy to have the KAB redesign live, with tons of new content to check out.