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Bataleon Snowboards Launches New Website

November 6, 2006

Bataleon Snowboards Launches New Website


Bataleon Snowboards has launched their 06/07 website this week. “We did not quit manage to beat the first snow but hey... we are happy that we are live. We’ve tried to create a platform for riders where they can come and go and switch between everything that is in the air instead”, say’s Bataleon’s creative director Danny Kiebert.


The new site is a very useful communicating tool and will offer the riders the following features:


News Blog

All ya need to know about Triple Base

Frequently answered questions

Demo tour update, blog and schedule

Teamrider vids, pics and links


Dealer locator


Over the next few weeks the site will be updated with links to our teamriders, websites, myspaces, youtube’s etc etc to make a virtual snowboard trip.