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Northwave North America New Employee Announcement

December 5, 2006

Northwave North America New Employee Announcement


Northwave announces that Christopher Horan Sales will be representing Northwave Boots, Drake Bindings, Bakoda Design Logic Accessories, and Venue Snowboards in the Ontario region, with Paul Keodprom being the main representative for the territory. 


Christopher Horan, the owner of the company, lives in Toronto and has been in the snow industry for the last 20 years.  Christopher Horan Sales has been around selling hard goods for the last 10 years and is proud to announce they will be taking over Northwave and affiliated brands.


Paul is originally from Brantford, ON, but currently lives in Toronto where he also reps for LibTech/Gnu and Westbeach.  He’s been tech repping and working in the snowboard industry for 10 years now and is ready to start with the Northwave/ Drake/ Bakoda/ Venue lines.


In the Northwest, Matt Baumgardner will be representing.  Matt grew up in the Oregon region and currently resides in Bend.  Not new to the Northwave family, Matt worked as an inside customer service rep a couple years ago, then moved on to repping. Baumgardner also reps for Palmer, Drop Gloves, and Gordini Goggles.


In house we have some new faces as well. John Pardo will be doing Customer Service and Patrick De Armas will be helping out with warranty.  Both Patrick and John come from working at Mervin Manufacturing where they worked in shipping.  Patrick goes to school full time studying marketing, and John plays lead guitar in the Seattle band Hollywood Lightweights.  Wanting to stay in the industry but also in the Northwest, they now work here in our Northwave Seattle office. 


And also new to the in house crew is the marketing intern, Paul Thomas, who recently graduated from Seattle Central where he studied graphic design.  Paul is originally from Alaska where he hopes to return to and remain in the outdoor sports industry doing graphic design.