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RipTV has Launched!

December 11, 2006

RipTV has Launched!

After over a year of development is online and the programming schedule is running.

So what is it?

RipTV is an independent industry-created and fuelled interactive video portal designed specifically to add value to the Action Sports culture through the numbers of viewers looking for quality online entertainment in this category and no-cost added bonuses of interactivity with the streaming videos and more.

Viewers can surf the websites that are associated with the content such as athlete sites, interviews on other endemic sites, product info pages, resort locations, even the music sites for the songs that appear in the programming while they are watching the content. This gives the user engaging free entertainment and information and the tools they need to round out their experience at their disposal.

So go check out Rip and keep coming back to see all of the shows created in the RipTV studio and submitted by partner producers from around the world. There's many more features of Rip that are due to be rolled out in the coming weeks that only compliment the website further and give back to the existing community sites that people are already used to like the news aggregation tool that anyone can upload headlines to for reference to stories on other sites.
Hope you like it.

...One more thing, please utilize the "comments" under the videos and news headlines to let us know what you think. You are the first to receive an invitation to Rip because we want to create an environment as relevant to the core of the Action Sport industry as Joe and Sally Smith down the block and value your opinion.