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GFH Hires a National Sales Manager

January 16, 2007

GFH Hires a National Sales Manager
Todd Weatherill comes to GFH Boards with almost two decades of strong sales, business management, and training.  He has represented some of the industry's greatest brands...O'Neill, O'Brien, O'Neill Clothing, and countless more. 

He has also enjoyed a lucrative career on Television being a host and commentator for biggies such as ESPN, ABC, Disney, and The Outdoor Life Network.  His voice has been on everything from Frosted Flakes Ads to the voice of the City of Los Angeles Go Green Campaign.  Todd also has been a key-note speaker and narrator on business and motivation for companies like Deloitte, Sony, and Porsche Motor-sports.  He has also graced the stages of the hottest comedy clubs in the country.  Yes, Todd is a stand-up comedian. "What else can you do on the road all the time?  You just don't want to sit in the hotel room and do nothing, right?"  Todd has warmed up for comedy's greats such a Ralphy May, Cathy Lewis, and Vargus Mason.  Clubs, well you name it...from the world famous Comedy Store in Hollywood, to the Laugh Stop in Houston...Todd has rocked them all.

In the action-sports arena Todd is a pioneer; being one of the first
pro-wake-boarders, and helping organize the sport of wake-boarding as its first president.  Todd has been a thrill seeker his entire adult life and has done everything from sky-diving to swimming with sharks.  He is an avid waterman with a rich history of side-walk surfing.

Todd is most proud of his family.  He has a wife and three beautiful
daughters.  Kai, Nalu, and Kala...

Todd Commented, "GFH is the realization of a life-long dream.  I have always sought a relaxed environment of truly cool people working together to enjoy every day as a blessing and everyday out of a "real job" as a way of life.  I have been looking for a home, and I think I found it.  Surf on...this company is going to teach you to stop being so rad, kick back, take your shoes off, take the board to the top of the driveway, and just groove...hell, just groove."