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Thor MX Debuts New Television Commercial

January 17, 2007

Thor MX Debuts New Television Commercial

EL CAJON, CA (January 17,2007) –

THOR MX is excited to present an all-new commercial for the 2007 Supercross season. “Motion” debuted during the live telecast of Anaheim 1 SX on SPEED January 6th. For those of you who missed it, be sure to catch it on the jumbotron at each supercross race and during all televised airings this season.  

 This year Thor tried something they’ve never done before - they didn’t use a camera! Opting for a computer instead, Thor’s design team worked with Curtis Birch Productions and Sputnik Studio in Los Angeles to produce a commercial entirely with CG animation. The 30-second spot uses cutting-edge graphics and flows to the beat of hip-hop artists, the Lifesavas, to bring it to whole new level. It’s a style never before seen in motocross industry...until now.

 “Motion” shows the growth of the sport by incorporating all the disciplines that Thor is apart of - supercross, motocross, supermoto and freestyle. Thor sponsors riders in all segments of the sport and shows off some of their diverse talent in each arena - Chad Reed, the supercross star; Ryan Villopoto, the outdoors champ; Doug Henry, the supermoto racer; and Travis Pastrana, 8-time X-Games Gold Medalist.

 This year marks Thor’s tenth consecutive year of producing industry-leading commercials to showcase their athletes and gear. “Motion” will run during televised races throughout the ‘07 Supercross season on SPEED, and other MX and FMX events on OLN, CBS and NBC.

Check out the 2007 Thor MX Commercial now at