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Madsteez Unveils His First Solo Show In New York: Chelsea de Weeneze On January 31

January 17, 2007

Madsteez Unveils His First Solo Show In New York: Chelsea de Weeneze On January 31
With a Special Never Before Seen Tribute to Dennis Hopper

New York, NY (January 2007) – Los Angeles based artists Madsteez’s illegitimate son, Weeneze is reportedly missing for the past 48 hours in New York City. The 5’1” red lion-mane haired monster was last seen riding his turquoise GT Performer (with 5-star mag wheels) bike down Norfolk Street in the Lower East Side. Weeneze told Madsteez he was just going to get a slice of pizza at New Roma Pizza and after four hours went by, he still had not returned. Proving as a blow to Madsteez’s first-ever New York solo art show, CHELSEA DE WEENEZE, set to debut on January 31, Madsteez has turned to finding Weeneze alive and well, however, the show must go on! “Its what he would have wanted. I am dedicating the show in his honor hoping he will return safe and sound,” Madsteez said. If you have any information regarding Weeneze’s whereabouts, please contact Lieutenant D!K at 917-567-9533.
Opening January 31 and running through February 28 at Space Downtown, located at 276 W. 25th Street in New York’s renowned Chelsea neighborhood, Madsteez has turned the gallery into the Wonderful World of Ween – completely covering the walls, ceiling, and floors in bright colored paints and the artist’s street-signature style. With support from youth wireless company Boost Mobile, Madsteez will unveil over 24 massive paintings including a monumental portrait inspired by world-renowned actor, artist and Madsteez supporter, Dennis Hopper, titled THE_MANY_FACES_OF_DENN!S_HOPPERWEEN. The exhibit also showcases an entire wall filled with WEEN!MAL portraits and, at the center of the gallery, is a “larger than life” sculpture of Weeneze – if the character is found in time.
Painter, illustrator, graphic designer and multi-faceted artist Mark Paul Deren is originally from the outskirts of Washington D.C. and has spent the last nine years metamorphosing into Madsteez while living in Southern California. “It has been a dream of mine to come back to the east coast and show my work amongst New York’s fine artists,” Deren said. “I feel that I’ve reached a personal maturity where I am ready to showcase my art to the world, and there’s no place better to serve as the backdrop for my art world debut than gallery driven culture of New York’s Chelsea neighborhood.”
The playful, graphic approach Madsteez took with CHELSEA DE WEENEZE is only one aspect of his art. Complex, large-scale, multi-layered acrylic and oil paintings, where strange or familiar figures are integrated into backgrounds that make it difficult to distinguish between landscape and abstraction, reveal yet another facet of his interests. The most recent example of this type of work is the intricate 96”x48” large scale portrait of Dennis Hopper, a piece inspired by a visit to Hopper’s work while on display at the Ace Gallery in Los Angeles. “I’ve seen a lot of great shows over the years, however this hit me as the most inspirational body of work I have ever seen,” Deren said. “I wanted to do a portrait of Dennis Hopper in a similar style as the portraits he created of his friends and people he was inspired by.”
As one of the country’s most sought after artists, Madsteez has worked on collaborations with clients including Evisu, Stussy, and others that will also be on display at the gallery. Madsteez also continues his strong relationship with Boost Mobile through CHELSEA DE WEENEZE, and his collaborations with the company including his exclusive wallpapers available on the website. Works for sale at the show will include limited-edition posters, screen-printed WEEN!MAL portraits, t-shirts, books as well as the paintings. Space Downtown is open from 11 am to 6 pm Tuesday through Sunday.


About Madsteez
Growing up on the outskirts of Washington DC, artist Madsteez (AKA Mark Paul Deren, AKA Mr. Ween) was peculiarly sculpted into what he is today. Born blind in his left eye with three first names – Mark Paul Deren – Madsteez, 26, took a turn in his life after an unfortunate loss in the 1985 Racquetball Championships. An ill sense of humor materialized through frequent games of Biscuit and developing nicknames for himself and friends. Madsteez became a ferocious kite walking, Nerds Rope eating, Dolorean loving, Zebra pin-striped fluorescent navy blue wearing young gentleman. His immeasurable abundance of creativity and electromagnetism has led to an extensive art collaboration list. For more information, visit