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Mike Walker Participates In Reef’s Charity Board Build-Off

January 26, 2007

Mike Walker Participates In Reef’s Charity Board Build-Off

San Diego
, CA
(January 25, 2007) – Shaper Mike Walker has been invited to participate in Reef’s 2007 Board Build-Off.  This annual charity event will feature thirteen of the industry’s leading shapers from the west coast. From January 25-27, all thirteen boards will be on display at the Board Builders’ Pavilion at San Diego’s ASR tradeshow.


Reef and the Board Retailers Association (BRA) have teamed up for the west coast edition. The event will include a silent auction, proceeds from which will be donated to the shaper’s charity of choice. Reef will present a $2,000 award to the shaper whose board raises the most money.


Among the elite shapers invited to participate in Reef’s Board Build-Off are Mike Walker, Hank Warner, Ernie Higgins, Rusty Preisendorfer, Rich Pavel, Larry Mabile and Gary Linden. Also participating are Tim Bessell, Xanadu, Chris Christenson, Steve Boysen as well as Reef’s honorary 13th shaper, Rob Machado.


Hand-picked by Reef, all participants have been asked to shape the most creative and rideable board imaginable. Mike Walker, who has shaped a twin-tip, longboard for his entry, says it is an honor to be part of the charity event. “Reef Board Build-Off promotes artistic freedom while benefiting a worthy cause.” I


The board Walker shaped for the event is a 7’0’’ double pintail gun. Covering the entire board deck is a hand-painted mural of a wave inscribed with the words, “For love, not money.” Laminated along the entire bottom and rails of the board are $150 dollars in one dollar bills. “In designing my board,” Walker explains, “I hoped to express the core message of board shapers; that it’s not about the money but rather about the love of the sport.”


Already, Walker’s board has received positive feedback from industry leaders such as Reef’s Strategic Marketing Manager, Bob Tanner. During a FOX interview scheduled for Friday, January 26, Tanner will be featuring Walker’s board.


According to Tanner, “Board builders are the foundation of our industry. We wanted to provide a platform that would spotlight what true craftsmen and creative thinkers they are”


Reef’s Board Build-Off in San Diego follows the success of its January 11th event which was held in Florida. At that event, over $10,000 was raised for charity. First place at the east coast event went to Ricky Carroll who walked away with $2,000 for his 9’2’’ chambered Balsawood board.


Mike Walker of The Walker Project will be designating his auction proceeds to the Children’s Hospital. Walker says “It’s not so much about winning, but rather about making a difference in live through these charitable organizations. I consider it a privilege to be included in Reef’s Board Build-Off alongside such gifted shapers.”