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Walker Project Announces Renovated Website

January 31, 2007

Walker Project Announces Renovated Website

San Diego, CA (January 25, 2007) – The Walker Project has launched its renovated website in an effort to streamline the viewer’s options and simplify website navigation. Surfboard shaper Mike Walker and his web team have spent months analyzing user traffic from their initial site. Their analysis demonstrated a need for upgraded online product information and retail management.

According to Walker, the goal was to create a website that was innovative, practical and user-friendly while allowing for future growth. “The company is constantly expanding with new products, image galleries and business information,” says Walker. “Our site has been designed with an elaborate administrative side that allows us to provide customers with the most updated content available today.”

Following the January website launching, the company experienced an immediate increase in online sales and viewership. The new layout also allows Walker’s webteam to track sales and provide a higher level of customer service and online support. An Affiliate Program for retailers is among the enhancements offered on the new website. This program allows wholesale dealers to sign on to The Walker Project database and access website banners that they can paste and use in their own websites. Resulting sales are automatically tracked and are continually accessible to each dealer. This program insures that Walker’s long-established relationships with retail store dealers can remain viable and intact.

The 27-year-old entrepreneur says the key to the success of the Walker label is the referral program. The new website provides a credit to each customer whose referrals result in an actual product sale. “We have always been, and will continue to be, a very grass roots brand. This is partly out of necessity and partly because that’s what feels legit to us. The referral program is just one way that we can benefit our loyal customers and go the extra mile in thanking them for their support.”

Other improvements to the renovated website include an increased product line, streaming video galleries, online shopping capabilities, gift certificates, dealer application forms and exclusive membership opportunities. One of the best received additions is the ability for customers to create their own accounts, track orders and access past invoices. 

Best known for its signature surfboards, The Walker Project is gratified by the response to its expanded product line, which includes clothing and accessories. According to Walker, web traffic has also recently increased as a result of the bands which the company sponsors. “It’s cool to see the Walker name and icon becoming more and more known in the world of bmx, wakeboarding, and underground music,” says Walker whose website encompasses ‘Surf, Dirt and Music.’ “This year, a great deal of attention will be spent on developing these other markets and adding more clothing directed toward those specific audiences.”

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