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Collective and Vision Street Wear Set New Standard

March 8, 2007

Collective Licensing Intl. and Vision Street Wear Brand Set New Standard of Video-Based Web Marketing

(ENGLEWOOD, CO) March 8, 2007–Collective Licensing International, an innovative leader in action sports and youth lifestyle brand licensing and development, announced today the launch of Like the brand’s iconic shoes, the Web site has a hip, street-smart aesthetic that speaks to Vision’s heritage as the leader-in-boardsport-culture.  The strategy was jointly developed by Collective and Denver, CO-based interactive agency FL2 in order to expand Vision’s online presence and to tell Vision’s story as one of the original and most influential lifestyle brands since 1976.

Stunning in its use of gritty video graphics, the Web site features interactive sections for users to post original artwork, music or footage of their boarding skills and have their work judged by other visitors. The gallery section features pro skate footage and music videos, and the brand’s print ads. In addition to these features, visitors can actually see the products in action; no typical still-life shots of the shoes here, Vision shows the shoes being worn while skateboarding. Because video graphics are used heavily on the site and contribute to longer load times, FL2 included “while you wait” facts—little-known, thought-provoking sociopolitical facts like how many gallons of gas are used per year.

“Vision Street wear is such a cool, iconic brand. With street culture getting so much attention lately, it was an awesome challenge to bring one of the originators online. That said, full-screen video is something we really wanted to push with this site—I think it’s really engaging and in-your-face,” said Ian Coyle, co-founder and creative director of FL2. “Ease of navigation wasn’t a primary concern for us on this project because we really wanted to encourage exploration.”

"We wanted to raise the bar, and go way beyond what anybody else is doing from a brand standpoint with the Vision website,” said Jeff Buice, creative director for Collective. "Video is definitively the new 'black' as far as websites go. We just wanted to see how far we could push the boundary and offer the viewer a rich and continually changing Web experience. At the same time, we wanted to define the history and depth of the Vision Street Wear brand and offer unlimited viral effects."


About Collective Licensing:
Collective was formed in January 2004 and is the owner and/or license operator of the Airwalk®, Vision Street Wear®, Sims®, Lamar® and LTD®, World Snowboarding Championships®, Sugarboards®, Carve®, genetic™, Dukes®, Rage®, Ultra-Wheels® and Skate Attack® brands.  Collective is based in Englewood, Colorado.

About FL2:
Based in Denver, CO, FL2 is a high-end interactive agency whose clients are industry leaders who need their marketing to reflect their position. FL2’s suite of interactive offerings include Web site design, interactive presentations, custom application development, database programming, e-mail campaigns and online strategies.