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Termite Skateboards™ Launches New Website to Lead the Children’s Skateboarding Market

March 28, 2007

Termite Skateboards™ Launches New Website to Lead the Children’s Skateboarding Market

Los Angeles, March 24, 2007 – Termite Skateboards™ proudly announces the launch of their newly updated website ( demonstrating one of many tactical moves towards their strategic vision of being a global leader in children skateboarding and action sports. 

“Termite is an extreme sports brand that has style and attitude combined with higher quality products specifically designed for younger kids.  We are focused on branding Termite in a way that defines it as a category for little kids as say Kleenex for tissue paper,” said Donald Cassel, Dark Horse Distribution President and CEO. 

“Termite is a Mom-friendly brand that kids love,” said Marie Marden, Dark Horse Distribution Inc. V.P., handling International Sales and Special Accounts.

Termite is uncompromisingly committed to finding the best 2-12 year old skaters in the world to sponsor.  A host of skateboard competitions around the world, in collaboration with the Next Big Kid project (, as well as title sponsorships at the King of Groms will help accomplish this mission.  Plans are already being made to have a Tommy the Termite mascot who would MC the competitions, as well as a Termite dunk tank that will accompany the tour for those hot summer days. 

Termite has signed an exclusive deal with a marketing firm and together they are actively seeking out toy companies and animation/cartoon studios to further help bring the Tommy the Termite character and his friends to fruition.  “Termite has enormous potential to be an ever-cool brand that satisfies a child’s timeless emotional need,” said Geoff Koboldt, Dark Horse Distribution V.P. of Strategic Operations. 

Termite Skateboards™ website has a few bells and whistles including the creation of their own revolutionary Burnlounge digital retail center so people can legally download music with a selection of over 2,000,000 songs; next is ring tones and movies.  Also, the site features a special pricing structure for lower income families who might not have the monetary means to give their child a skateboard.  This act of kindness is one of many philanthropic goals of the Termite family.

About Termite Skateboards

Termite Skateboards™ provides skateboards and skateboarding accessories with a focus on the 2-12 year old market.  Having been in business since 1988 and the first to launch smaller scaled boards for children, Termite now operates in more than 450 US skate shops, as well as 27 countries around the world.  The basic premise is about Tommy Termite, a little mischievous skater bug in a kid's world that gets into situations involving skateboarding and extreme sports with his other bug friends. These bug characters, led by Tommy, are always searching for things that action sport kids love to do, with a bug twist to it. They also deliver a positive message about kid power, team work and having fun in a positive way to name a few.   

Donald Cassel has been the CEO/owner of Dark Horse Distribution Inc. for nearly 20 years with other brands including Grind King, Dogtown, Kreper, Von Dutch Originals, Hazmat and Grind Queen to name a few.

Marie Marden is a V.P., who handles International Sales and Special Accounts and has been with Dark Horse Distribution Inc. for 13 years; she was instrumental in getting Termite off the ground in its conceptual days and plays a major role today.

Geoff Koboldt is the V.P. of Strategic Operations at Dark Horse Distribution Inc.  Mr. Koboldt is a former leader at General Motors Corporation, as well as an entrepreneur with his own music firm Out of Step Entertainment.

Termite is a trademark of Dark Horse Distribution Inc.  All company and product names are trademarks of their respective holders.