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Got a s(eco)nd? It only takes a second to change the world

April 23, 2007

Got a s(eco)nd? It only takes a second to change the world

This August 27-29th in Las Vegas, Pool tradeshow will launch a new area entitled s(eco)nd, which will showcase new industry talent who are pionerring a positive environmental and social impact.

Pool, the incubator of new & emerging lifestyle fashion, began as a non-traditional forum to fulfill a need for the specialty boutique market. For the last 6 years, Pool has been a place where key retailers connect with innovative apparel & lifestyle designers. Continuing the progressive tradition, Pool is introducing s(eco)nd to fulfill the industry’s need for a new breed of environmentally & socially conscious lifestyle brands that are emerging world-wide.

Director of Operations for Pool & creator of s(eco)nd, Mindy Wiener says “ Now, we have an opportunity to lead by example on what is seemingly THE issue of our time. True visionaries such as Fred Segal tried to introduce this concept over a decade ago but he was too far ahead of the market. We recognize that timing is very important in the fashion industry. We’ve been working to raise awareness for the last few seasons but have not felt like the timing was quite right to take a stand. Now, there is no doubt that (people) businesses have become more aware & are implementing changes that are impacting the industry. By introducing the thought that it only takes a s(eco)nd to change the world, s(eco)nd will allow us to take a second look at how we do business and will encourage our audience to rethink their most basic day-to-day habits. We are proud to take a stand, paving the way to greater change.”

s(eco)nd will carefully hand-select each of the brands being launched this August.