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The Walker Project Continues Growth with New Staff

May 14, 2007

The Walker Project Continues Growth with New Staff

San Marcos, CA (May 14, 2007) – To accommodate the expansion of The Walker Project, shaper Mike Walker has recently appointed new members to his management team.

Walker’s team includes Director of Legal Affairs, Sam Hellfeld, Art Director, Ryan Leonardy, and Surfboard technician, Adriano Garcia. Head of corporate development is the newly selected CFO, Brian Ganz, who brings over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience to the Walker staff. 

Stepping up as the National Team Manager is Scott Marvin, who also recently joined the BlueSky Surf Shop Team.

As CEO, Mike Walker has routinely devoted 80+ hours a week to the company. “Finally I’m getting to the point where the work load can be distributed,” he says, “which is better for the company as a whole.  As the skills and talents of others are applied to the brand’s image, I know it will have a huge beneficial effect on our ability to move forward.”

Those wanting to learn more about the Walker team can reach Scott Marvin at [email protected]

For detailed project information, visit:  or write, [email protected]