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INNES Clothing announces the addition of Jay Mitchell as Head of Design

June 20, 2007

INNES Clothing announces the addition of Jay Mitchell as Head of Design

Innes has experienced amazing growth in the last year and to continue the pace we welcome our newest family member, Jay Mitchell. Jay has a very strong background in both clothing and graphic design. He’s been with Ezekial, Mada and Billabong as well as doing freelance over the years. He is another big step in the drive to bring Innes to a whole new level in the industry. Founder Matt Hensley commented, “I’ve always know what we needed in designs, I just wasn’t able to take it from concept to finished product. Jay has the technical and creative skills to take what I envision, contemporize it and make it reality”.

Glenn Brumage, VP of Sales & Marketing commented “With Jay “in-house”  we’re able to coordinate our clothing designs with our catalogs, POP, advertising, promotions and the overall look and perception of Innes as a whole”.

Jay is already working on the Spring 08 line.

Innes clothing is the brainchild of Musician and former Pro Skater, Matt Hensley.

Not unlike Matt and the band Flogging Molly, Innes style is hard to categorize. Set against the baggy urban street styles of the 90’s and early 00’s Innes has been designing a trimmer, tailored fit since its inception. Innes style is more Mod 60’s, English Rude Boy and early Punk Rock with elements from broad music culture. Innes has been an underground force in alternative street style since 96. The Innes name and Swallow logos are surprisingly recognizable marks amongst “the most recognized marks that cannot be named”. Innes is built around “Timeless Style” not “flavor of the week”.

Matt Hensley states, “I don’t believe in the word “Fashion”. I believe in style!”

Innes is the Scottish clan name of Matt’s family on his mothers side. He named the company in tribute to her. The Family Crest sports the motto “Be Traist”. It simply means to be Trustworthy. The Swallow logo is a very old design worn to signify sailors’ loyalty to family and commitment to return home. These are the foundations at Innes clothing. Our family are those who skateboard and those who enjoy eclectic music. We’ll always be loyal to them.

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