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Canadian Skimboard Company, Zed Skimboards, Going Down Under

July 23, 2007

Canadian Skimboard Company, Zed Skimboards, Going Down Under

Victoria, BC, Canada – Zed Skimboards INC announced today that it will be launching its brand in Australia starting August 1st 2007.

Company president Jeff Zamluk says it’s just the next step for skimboarding becoming an internationally recognized sport.  “There are many supporters of the sport down under and we’re hoping to contribute to the excitement of skimboarding’s culture there.”  Zed will be supporting their launch with an Australian team, skim demo’s and a skim session around Torquey; the worlds surf capital and home to industry heavy weights Rip Curl and Quiksilver.

With the majority of its population living along the coast, many within the surf and skate industry expect skimboards to experience large growth in the years to come.  Long time supporter of Australian skimboarding, Matt Trigger of Trigger Bros Surf states, “skimboards have the highest sell through in our hard goods segment with a definite increase in the high end foam core models as the sport becomes well known.  We’re looking forward to having another professional skim brand available to the consumer”.

Zamluk, just 22, has been skimboarding since he was 12 and has watched Canada become at the forefront of the skimboard industry.  “We’re very fortunate to have the world’s top flatground riders living on the west coast of Canada and riding for Zed”.  Zamluk attributes this to having one of the worlds largest skateboard population living in Vancouver with close access to the beach.  “Skateboarding has its place; but when it’s 30 degrees (celsius) and sunny, you want to be skimmin’ on rails at the beach”.

Zed distributes to four other countries.  Australia together with the U.S. will be their key export market.  During the first year in Australia their full flatground line will be available with a few limited edition foam core boards making it to the country.

Zed Skimboards; developed in 1998 on the shores of Saratoga Beach, Vancouver Island, remains rider owned and rider operated.  Along with supporting skim events around the world they sponsor a full shorebreak and flatground team.  Their state of the art manufacturing facility fuses snowboard, surf, and kiteboard technologies together making for some of the best and most durable boards on the market today.