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Trend Spotter StyleSight Launches Planet Youth Culture

August 29, 2007

Trend Spotter StyleSight Launches Planet Youth Culture
Immersive Online Environment Tracks Youth Culture Trends, Technology, Style & Fashion

NEW YORK: Stylesight, the premier style information service, today announced the creation of Planet Youth Culture. Live today and accessible to all current Stylesight subscribers, Planet Youth Culture is a totally immersive online universe that enables creative professionals to track youth culture trends, technologies, styles and fashion.

With youth culture becoming the driving force behind so much of the worlds fashion and style trends it became quite clear to Stylesight that our clients needed a more dynamic and immersive view of this important market, said Merrill Greene, Vice President and Creative Director of Stylesight.

All of Planet Youth Cultures content is divided into planets, for quick and easy space exploration. At launch, the Planet Youth Culture Universe will consist of two galaxies, Planet Juniors and Planet Young Mens, and feature the following:

Planet Runway: A unique edit of the Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer runway collections, calling out the major youth trends and the designers who are creating them.

Planet Design: Youth specific color and trend forecasting and design development.

Planet Street: Street fashion buzz from around the world with a special emphasis on trendsetting youth culture markets such as: London, Tokyo, Copenhagen, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Sao Paolo.

Planet Retail: A regularly updated collection of the most trendsetting youth culture-oriented store windows from around the world.

Planet Celebrity: Through a partnership with WireImage, Planet Celebrity features complete celebrity fashion and style coverage.

Planet Source: Coverage of all youth-oriented materials and design trade shows.

Planet Denim: Built out of Stylesights current denim coverage, Planet Denim emphasizes the brands and styles of interest to the youth market and on denim styles and fashion emerging from the street.

Planet Source: Coverage of all youth-oriented materials and design trade shows.

Planet Graphics: An incredible youth culture image collection including graffiti, logos and t-shirt design details.

Planet Events: Coverage of youth-oriented music, technology and sports. Stylesights trend forecasters and spotters attend all the important music events to identify new artists and emerging styles, and attend all the key gaming and consumer electronics shows that are of interest to the youth culture market.

Initial coverage includes Lollapalooza and The Fuji Rock Festival. In addition there will be coverage of all youth culture sports-related events including skateboarding, surfing, BMX biking, snowboarding and other extreme sports.

Every element of Planet Youth Culture is connected to Stylesight's proprietary search technology. Creative professionals can link directly from Planet Youth Culture to the Stylesight image library in order to trim volumes of inspirational images down to concise, specific, relevant results. Users can download multiple images, zoom images for incredible detail, print and/or email tear sheets, create slideshows and trend boards to internal colleagues or external suppliers and share comments.

"Stylesights cutting-edge and proprietary technology platform allows us the flexibility to easily enhance or build upon on our existing product for the benefit of our clients," said Frank Bober, Stylesights founder and chief executive officer. "Planet Youth Culture is just the beginning. Our clients should expect to see many more innovations and launches in the weeks and months ahead."