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International Snowboard Magazine Launches - Skips Print Edition

October 9, 2007

International Snowboard Magazine Launches - Skips Print Edition 

The Worlds first online flash snowboarding magazine was launched yesterday. International Snowboard Magazine or ISM for short uses technologies that allow a full page flipping magazine experience on the web.  The magazine is totally free to read and has all the qualities of a normal magazine but with the added bonus of embedded audio and video.  The video is embedded right onto the page and streams whilst you read the magazine, so there is no waiting around for it to download! 

The magazine also features a full screen option (located in the top left navigation bar) this allows readers on smaller screens to enjoy all the benefits that the magazine offers. You can zoom, print pages off and jump backwards and forwards as much as you like.  This first issue features some amazing photography from Cole Barash, an interview with Nicholas Muller, a product heavy bindings review, backside handplant technique and literally loads more!   

To read the magazine visit the website and click on the link, it is as simple as that, no software to download, forms to fill in or expensive subscription.

ISM will be published bi monthly throughout the year taking a global look at the sport.   It is published by Next Element Publishing Ltd.