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Bordz-Up Launches New Website to Demonstrate its Innovative Racks

October 15, 2007

Bordz-Up Launches New Website to Demonstrate its Innovative Racks for Snowboards, Skis and Other Board Sports

BORDZ-UP, the innovative supplier of board/ski storage racks and display systems announced today the official launch of its newly designed website,, which features flash driven product demos, embedded video clips, a user driven video sharing section, a graffiti tagging wall and many other features. The new website reflects Bordz Up’s desire to not only demonstrate how its unique and award winning gravity suspending racks work, but to promote the concept of boarders and skiers showing pride in their equipment. The Bordz Up line is making competing storage/display solutions and homemade racks obsolete. 

“Our website needed to address our innovative products in a new way and we feel the new online demos are the best way for consumers, retailers and pros alike to see how our unique racks differ from other solutions ”  says,  Bordz-Up Director of Sales, Kurt Schumann. He continued, “It’s definitely the tricky part of showcasing our products as they are often barely visible behind the boards or skis they hold, so it creates a challenge. Our Gravity Suspension Racks are so different that you need to see them in use to believe how they work! Our new website now solves that issue.”

“The best way to display your passion for boarding or skiing when you’re not out riding powder, hitting moguls or shredding a half pipe is to use one of our racks to hold your boards or skis” says Steve Garceau, founder and head designer of Bordz-Up’s award winning product line. He continued, “Most boards and skis today have become works of art, both visually and technically.   Our racks provide both an unobstructed display and allow for flexibility and easy expansion to handle additional boards and skis.  They’re also a great merchandising fixture for pro shops”. 

Bordz Up’s Gravity Suspension Racks (GSR) feature a totally unique “three point” gripping system that firmly holds and locks boards in place as the rack virtually disappears behind the board.  The amazingly well engineered rack converts the “gravitational force” being generated by the weight of the board into “horizontal pressure”, which then firmly holds the board in place, providing the illusion that the board is being suspended in air!”

Bordz-Up’s PipeLine Ski System is unlike any of the wood, plastic or metal based racks or other ski storage systems on the market. The PipeLine System allows for unlimited expansion possibilities from 2 pairs of skis and poles to over 100 in completely flexible configurations.  PipeLine’s design helps prevent skis and ski bindings from hitting each other or the wall the rack is mounted upon.  Each individual ski/pole holder on the PipeLine system has a unique “pivoting” capability that allow for skis to be displayed at a slight angle, a feature that not only allows for optimal display, but also allows for the holding of more skis and poles per linear foot than any other rack on the market. 

Bordz Up engaged Brink Media to design its new interactive website. Brink’s past work includes developing websites for the rock band Velvet Revolver, the film writing community and the Netherlands province of Holland among many others.