Industry News 10/27/2007

Johnny Schillereff and More Featured on FUEL TV's The Daily Habit

Johnny Schillereff and More Featured on FUEL TV's The Daily Habit

Jason Ellis & Flo Marfaing  Monday  10.29.07
Today we bring back a relentless competitor who’s made his name by breaking through the limits of skateboarding. The one and only Jason Ellis is here to tell us about his radio show and his many other projects. Plus, Santa Cruz team rider Flo Marfaing hits the Habit before he heads out on Santa Cruz’ “No Rest in the Northwest Tour." Also on the show, he may not be in action sports, but he did survive three “Saw” films. Actor Lyriq Bent stops by the studio. Jason’s sponsors include: DC, Von Zipper, Ellismate Skateboards, Rockstar, RDS, 187 Pads, S-1 Helmets and Toolshed Underwear. Flo’s sponsors include: Vans, Hurley, Santa Cruz, Satori Wheels, Venture Trucks, Zero Polis Skate Shop and Djinns Caps.

Cara-Beth Burnside & Mimi Knoop  Tuesday  10.30.07
One of the most influential women in all of action sports, a dominant skater and snowboarder, Cara-Beth Burnside is here to talk about her two-pronged attack on snow and concrete. Plus, another force to be reckoned with on the women’s skate scene, 2007 Honda Soul Bowl winner Mimi Knoop stops by to give us an update on the Action Sports Alliance and her Nikita team. And, Kassia Meador goes to Huntington Beach, CA to check in on the Women of the US Open. Cara-Beth’s sponsors include: Vans, Nixon and Mechanical Griptape. Mimi’s sponsors include: Nikita, Nixon, Mechanical Griptape, 187 Pads and

Josh Sanders & Kira Sheppard  Wednesday  10.31.07
It’s Halloween and here’s what’s in the bag: For tricks, he’s been in the eye of Australia’s wakeboarding storm from the beginning. Josh Sanders explains how he’s pushing his sport’s envelope with stunts such as towing into Teahupoo. And for treats, globetrotting freesurfer Kira Sheppard drops by to talk about her search for perfect waves. Plus, we’re throwin’ in a little something extra for you today when Juliette Lewis takes over the Habit stage with her band Juliette & The Licks. Josh’s sponsors include: Ocean and Earth, O’Brien, Red Bull, Supra Boots, Roswell Towers and Helium Life Jackets. Kira’s sponsors include: Oakley, Orion Surfboards and Ron Jon’s Surf Shop.    

Johnny Schillereff & Chad Muska  Thursday   11.1.07
Today’s first guest is the founder and president of Element Skateboards, Johnny Schillereff. He drops into the Habit to talk shop. And Element’s own Chad Muska is going to stop by to hang with the boss. Plus, musical guest Two Gallants bring their stunning sound to the Habit stage. Chad’s sponsors include: Supra, Kr3w Clothing, Element Skateboards, Rockstar, Ricta Wheels, Mob Grip, and Independent Trucks.

Sk8Mafia Team  Friday  11.2.07 
The notorious Sk8mafia team--Peter Smolik, Brandon Turner and Kellen James--hit the Habit to spread the word about the mafia and their “Sk8mafia Saturdays” on TransWorld SKATEboarding’s Web site. And, Sven Barth gets “Nothing but the Truth” from P Rod and friends at the Nike SB premiere. Plus, a band with a reputation for out of control performances, and that’s okay with us. Black Lips are here. Peter’s sponsors include: Sk8mafia, Independent, Spitfire, Electric and Pacific Drive. Brandon’s sponsors include: Sk8mafia, Venture Trucks, Satori Wheels and Electric. Kellen’s sponsors include:  Sk8mafia, JSLV, Gold Wheels, Venture Trucks, Electric and Street Machine.