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THE BLOCK Forms Acquisition Company and Sets Ground for Expansion - New Prototype

October 30, 2007

THE BLOCK Forms Acquisition Company and Sets Ground for Expansion - New Prototype
After a year long planning period, THE BLOCK , currently, two independently owned and managed properties has formed an acquisition company for the purposes of merging ownership of the two properties into one, acquiring new properties, licensing merchandise and completing strategic initiatives to grow the brand of "The World's First Snowboarder Hotels."
Locations have been negotiated and selected in California, Colorado, and Utah as well as two locations in Europe. THE BLOCK feels confident that available technology will enable the company to manage across international borders with the help of consultants in France and Switzerland.
THE BLOCK has consulted with ROAR, a finance and marketing agency, as advisors to structure a $125 million strategic offering memorandum which was completed in October.  The completed funding will activate the BLOCK hotels expansion plan .

"When Marc and I first had the idea of a hotel 'For Snowboarders, By Snowboarders,' we were confident it would do well, but the growth and potential of the brand over the past three years is nothing short of amazing," says Liko Smith,  Co-founder and President of THE BLOCK Hotels.   Smith continues, "I receive emails almost every day from snowboarders around the globe asking when a BLOCK will be built at a mountain near them. the next six months, we'll be busier than ever developing new locations, hiring key personnel, and planning the next season of our hit reality series." "THE BLOCK that Marc and I started in Lake Tahoe is going to get much larger as a property, provide more services, and be able to really accommodate what snowboarders need worldwide," he finishes.
A new BLOCK Prototype has also been developed,...current locations  will attempt to be expanded, future locations will include:
- 150 or more rooms, Snowboard In/Out
- Cafe - Restaurant
- Hip, Ultra Bar and Lounge
- Meeting facilities
- Merchandise and Gift Shop
- Audio and Video editing room
- Waxing and tuning room
- "Create your own" T-Shirt room
- Ultra-Hip Community Game Rooms (XBOX 360, PS3, Wii-  Live play)
- Modern "bumpin" shuttles for transport
In some cases, THE BLOCK Hotels LLC will acquire the Mountain Resort and enter into strategic partnerships to integrate the lift operations into the hotel brand as well as assist in the development of the terrain park under the guidance of MFM, professional snowboarder and Head of Branding for the new company.
THE BLOCK Hotels are "The World's First Snowboarder Hotels," created by Professional Snowboarder Marc Frank Montoya and Las Vegas Hotelier Liko S. Smith. The hotels feature the most inventive rooms in the hotel industry, "Signature Suites" by companies such as DVS Shoe Co, TransWorld Snowboarding Magazine, Jones Soda Co, Zoo York, SPY Optic, Nikita clothing, Bear Mountain Resort, Boost Mobile, Vestal Watches and others. There is also a "Liberty Lounge" by Liberty Board Shop of Southern California in Big Bear and the NJB Lounge in Lake Tahoe by NJB Clothing. Poker rooms exist at both hotels created by Delta 9 and Season Five clothing companies respectively.
All guests receive free energy drinks, energy bars, Pabst Blue Ribbon (21+), popcorn, DVD movies, and PS2 games, as well as free wi-fi access and board waxing in a personal waxing room created by BLUEBIRD Wax. All rooms come equipped with Gravity Suspension Racks, PS2 game consoles, boot/glove dryers, cordless phones and ipod compatible mini boom boxes and 56" Widescreen HD Televisions (Big Bear), as well as original wall art photography by Burton Principal Photographer Dean "Blotto" Gray, Technine Photographer Ethan Fortier, and Snowboard Industry Photographer Andy Wright.

Investors include Professional Snowboarders Travis Parker, Mikey LeBlanc, Joni Malmi, Jussi Oksanen, JJ Thomas, Kurt Wastell, Chris Coulter, and Devun Walsh and professional skateboarder Rob Dyrdek, as well as other industry veterans such as Dean "Blotto' Gray, Ethan Fortier, Travis Wood, Stan Yu, Carter Katz, Brock Heckmann, Scott Heckmann, Doug Harley and Andy Wright.