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Check out the Latest News with Crimson Skateboards

November 30, 2007

Check out the Latest News with Crimson Skateboards

Since moving to Atlanta, Kris Markovich has been no stop whirlwind of skating, filming, shooting photos and working on new graphics. For anyone that missed it, be sure to check out Kriss recent interviews in FTK (Sept/Oct. issue) and issue 42 of The Skateboard Mag.

He also had a viewfinder in the October 07 issue of Skateboarder and home Page in Transworld November 07 issue. Along with Editorial, Kris has had Ads for Crimson and Hurley in Transworld, The Skateboard Mag, Skateboarder, and Thrasher.

His time off the board has been just as productive. Kris has been busy working on all the new graphics for the next catalog and will also be doing the artwork for the 411 Crimson issue. He also just wrapped up the new Crimson Commercial (Check out for the outtakes) and is currently filming for the Hurley video and 411 Damn, that man doesnt stop!

James Atkin has been busy filming for his first ever part for the upcoming 411 Crimson issue, and is just returning from the ten day filming and photo trip that started in Houston for Make a Wish. For those of you that dont know James skills, be prepared to have a new favorite skater.

He just had a Destructo ad that ran in TWS and Skateboarder, and also has two photos in the new November issue of Thrasher (Hurley Cabo Trip)!

Richie Belton wrapped up his Whats the Story for TSM and it should be in issue 47. He has also been shooting photos for with Travis Howell (Adio TM) and John Bradford for various things, along with filming for the Crimson 411 issue and a new Adio video.

Danny Scher has the current Crimson ad that is running in TWS, TSM, and Skateboarder. This is actually his second ad; his first ad only ran in Automatic. He also has an Asylum ad in the newest Automatic (Issue 57). Most days you can find Danny and his hair skating and filming with Richie and Prince in Oceanside. The three of them have been on a mission to get footage, so keep your eyes peeled.

As for Steve Fauser, besides making Vegan Ice cream and sending in photos and Footage on a weekly basis, Steve has been traveling and skating a ton. Check out his My Pod in issue 44 of The Skateboard Mag.  Steve has been stock piling footage, so expect him to have a good part in the Crimson 411. With the weather getting cold there in Chicago, expect Steve to be hitting the road. Hell be joining the four car caravan across country: Indy, Kansas city, Denver, Phoenix, San Diego.

Steves favorite band The Downtown Struts is now on itunes so Check them out when you get a chance.

Rick Eusey along with the guys at Rise put on an amazing event for Lee Bender and Michael Tubbs. It was a BBQ/Fundraiser to help out two great friends with all the proceeds going to help both of them out.  Check out the video on our site: 

Rick along with the fellow Crimson riders Steve Fauser and flow ripper Rob Walker are making their yearly winter move out of the chilly Midwest to the sunny confines of AZ. Since all three of them have recently broken up with their lady friends, Rick decided that this years trip would be themed The Broken Hearts Club tour.  The crew is going to working on an article for The Skateboard Mag. Matt Price (TSM staff) is going to fly out to Indianapolis and will be shooting with the boys during the trip. Everyone will also be filming for The Crimson 411 issue thats going to be out in February. The trip will be from Indianapolis to Chicago, Kansas City to Denver, and ending in Phoenix. No demos, just filming and shooting photos.

Vince Del Valle has been a real busy man since moving to Long Beach . He went on an Adidas trip came home for a few days then went on a Bones trip to AZ and Texas. In case anyone missed Vinces part in the Seattle video IN Focus click here -

Vince has a 360 flip photo in the November issue of Thrasher, made it to the finals in GVR, and just missed the finals in The Volcom Damn am. Expect to see a lot more of Vince over the next year.

Jeremiah Babb recently switch jobs from the skateshop to the more flexible schedule of wrapping burritos.  The new schedule equals more time on his board for filming, shooting photos , and traveling.  When hes tempers not flaring up from skating , Miah can be found hanging out with his new dog  Lucy.

Graham Bickerstaff is our newest addition to the Crimson family.  He is a street killer who splits his time between Atlanta and Long Beach, Check out his profile on the Crimson site...


Thats right , the rumors are true RagDoll is now bleeding for Crimson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After a few years of trying to get together on the same team Kris and Rags are finally able to skate for the same company. Rags is on a mission to blow up and is making moves for 2008. Check out his interview in the Transworld for starters and the Crimson site for his profile . There will soon be a Mrs. Ragdoll ! The two are set to tie the knot in December- Vegas style . Congrats to the both of them.