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“Best Of” week on FUEL TV’s The Daily Habit

January 3, 2008

“Best Of” week on FUEL TV’s The Daily Habit 

It is "Best of The Daily Habit" week and we start it off right with an episode we did with Aussie Warrior Jake Brown. After his frightening fall and second-place finish in X Games Big Air, Jake Brown joins us in the studio. Also, former Big Air Champion and the designer of this year’s X Games Mega Ramp, Danny Way is here. Plus, Dave Duncan and PLG add their thoughts on the balance between progression and safety at X Games. You won’t want to miss the end of this show, an impromptu acoustic duet with Danny Way on guitar and Renee Renee on vocals. Jake’s sponsors include: Adidas, Krew, Blind, Monster, Independent and Ricta. Danny Way’s sponsors include: DC Shoes, Spy, Plan B, Vitamin Water and Nixon Watches. PLG’s sponsors include: Osiris, Electric, Darkstar, Monster, Boost Mobile, West 49 and Zune Player.

TONY HAWK 1.08.08
If you missed it the first time, be sure to catch today's "Best of The Daily Habit" episode with Tony Hawk. Winner of countless comps, star of films and video games alike, the biggest name in the game, Tony Hawk is here. And, one of the most influential English punk bands to have ever torn apart a three-minute pop song, Buzzcocks hit the Habit. Plus, Jordan Morris goes mental trying to unlock the secrets of Tony Hawk’s “Secret Skatepark Tour 3.” Tony’s sponsors include: Adio Footwear, Quiksilver, Birdhouse Skateboards, Jeep and Fury.

One of our personal favorites is our 500th episode since we first hit the airwaves...and it's a show you will want to see again. To help us celebrate correctly, we invited our first guest, our 100th guest, and the funniest guy in the “Drive Thru” series – the Mutt, Benji Weatherley – to put on his party hat with us. Plus, Brooklyn-based band Panthers kick some bass on the Habit stage. And, we take a trip down memory lane with a look back at the Habit archives. Benji’s sponsors include: Gravis Footwear, Anon, Analog, Channel Islands, Bud Light, Jones Soda, Mapcargo and On A Mission.

You asked, so here it is! Another chance to catch The Daily Habit with Ryan Sheckler. Winner of the Dew Tour for the third straight time and star of MTV’s “Life of Ryan,” Ryan Sheckler is in the studio! He gives us all the juicy details about his skater superstar lifestyle. And, musical guest Every Time I Die terrorizes your head space. Plus, Jordan Morris returns with the Trailer Babes for a look at “Saw IV.” Ryan’s sponsors include: Etnies, Oakley, Volcom, Plan B, Red Bull, Nixon, Bones Wheels, CCS and Ninja.

We wrap up our "Best of The Daily Habit" week with a big air bomber with a flair for the dramatic, pro BMXer Cory Nastazio is here to tell us what he’s been up to lately. And, we go to Cory’s house for the Stephen Murray Jam benefit. Plus, musical guest Tiger Army is here for a psychobilly freak out. Cory’s sponsors include: Vans, Spy Optic, Rockstar, S&M Bikes, Pro-Tec and 661 Products.