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World Renowned Designer David Carson Joins Life On A Board

February 6, 2008

World Renowned Designer David Carson Joins Life On A Board

Life on a Board (LOAB), a newly established boarding apparel company, announces the appointment of David Carson as Art Director.  Widely recognized as one of the top designers in the world, Mr. Carson is often described as one of the Top Five Influential Graphic Designers of all time   He was named Designer of the Year in 1998 and 1999 by International Center of Photography and the Most Famous Graphic Designer on the Planet in 2004 by London Creative Review magazine.

Carson began to make a mark on the graphic design industry in the mid-eighties with his signature style of using experimental type and edgy illustration and photography. His impact on the industry expanded with stints at Surfer, and Beach Culture magazines with work that was praised by even his staunchest critics. But it was his work with Ray Gun, a music and lifestyle magazine of international standards, that truly put him on the map as he achieved notice and praise from publications outside the industry such as The New York Times and Newsweek.

In 1995 he founded his own studio in New York and worked for such giants as Pepsi Cola, Ray Ban, Nike, Microsoft, Budweiser, Giorgio Armani, NBC, American Airlines and Levi Strauss Jeans. He later expanded into the international marketplace with work for AT&T, British Airways, Kodak, Sony, Suzuki, Toyota, Warner Bros., CNN, MTV Global, Fox TV, Nissan, Quiksilver, Intel, MGM Studios, Nine Inch Nails, David Byrne, Samsung, Burton Snowboards and Rusty.

In addition to his mountain of work, Carson has also published several popular and influential books. The End of Print in 1995 sold over 250,000 copies in five languages and become the best selling graphic design book of all time.  His 2nd Sight, an exploration of the use of intuition on one’s life and work, prompted Newsweek Magazine to declare that David Carson, “changed the public face of graphic design”. Since then, he has added two more books to his credit – Fotografiks in 1999 and Trek in 2000.

“He Lives our Brand”

Carson is not just a renowned designer; he’s an accomplished surfer as well, making his association with LOAB a near perfect fit.  He created his own signature model surfboard through Infinity Surfboards in California as well as a signature fin design for Rainbow Fins.  While in college he was one of two Californian surfers invited to the prestigious Smirnoff Pro-Am Surf Contest at Sunset Beach, Hawaii.

 “We’re very excited to team up with someone as talented and respected as David.  He knows our audience and lives our brand,” said Eddie Finnegan, an LOAB co-founder.  “David has an accomplished history from being a top ranked pro surfer to one of the pre-eminent graphic designers of our time. He not only shares our passion for great design but also shares our passion for the ride which makes him a great addition to LOAB.”

Carson maintains surfing residences in the Caribbean and Malibu and a small studio near the mountains in Switzerland.

“I’m excited about joining LOAB,” said Carson.  “I think the Company is filling an overlooked niche in the marketplace and is positioned to grow into one of the most influential brands.  I’m looking forward to helping make LOAB one of the most significant companies out there and having some fun at the same time.”

“The Everdyay Riders” – About Life On A Board

LOAB is a newly launched boarding apparel company founded by three avid riders, Dave Pazgan, Eddie Finnegan and Lance Anderson. With a focus on environmentally friendly materials and processes, LOAB introduced its line of board apparel at the January 2008 Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida.

“The idea for LOAB sprang from a conversation about how we didn’t really identify with any of the brands currently available.  While we believe there are a lot of great companies in this industry, the styles and cuts of clothing were not made with people like us, a little more soulful and less impressionable, in mind,” said co-founder Dave Pazgan. “Our brand is about the everyday riders who ride for the love of the lifestyle, the connection with nature, and the unique sensation of carving a turn –  not for any glory.  We hope that this philosophy comes through in our line.”

LOAB’s customer-focused philosophy centers around its dedication to minimizing negative impact on the environment by using environmentally friendly materials, such as organic cotton and bamboo, and processes whenever possible in the development of its line.

At its Surf Expo launch, LOAB introduced The Perfect Ride Tour, featuring a restored 1963 Volkswagen Double Cab Pick-Up (the ultimate symbol of the board rider’s lifestyle) that will tour the East Coast this summer visiting retail shops and catching a wave along the way.

For information regarding LOAB visit its website at