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Introducing the Todd Weatherill Radio Show: “Action-Sports-Central”

March 5, 2008

Introducing the Todd Weatherill Radio Show: “Action-Sports-Central”

It's the only talk-radio program in the World that is dedicated to action-sports, its athletes, and the lifestyle of cool.  The show is edgy, features top names in all of action-sports, Hollywood, Comedy, Music, film, and the only informative source for up to the minute details on events, film, and results.

Host Todd Weatherill has been featured as a commentator/ host / reporter for over a decade on programs like: X-Games (ESPN, ABC, ESPN2), The Pro-Wakeboard Tour (ESPN), The Pro-Waterski Tour (ESPN 2), Vortec Power Hour (OLN), has represented action-sport’s biggest brands in product segments, commercials, and as an athlete.  Todd was the first president of the World Wakeboard Association and one of the original twelve pro-riders.  He helped make the rules, the contests, and the organization of this top growing sport.  He is an action-sports pioneer, visionary, and well-respected among his peers.

The show can be heard via live internet stream, pod-cast past shows (On Sunday Schedule), and live on AM 1050 in SoCal at 3pm Pac on Sundays.  For More information on Todd Weatherill: or just google Todd Weatherill.