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BOARD-TRAC Celebrates 10 Years in Action Sports Marketing

April 1, 2008

BOARD-TRAC Celebrates 10 Years in Action Sports Marketing
As a "Thank You" to the industry, Board-Trac is offering 30% off all its products

Board-Trac has been studying surfers, skateboarders and snowboarders since 1998 when their first report was published on the influence of board sports on the youth of America.   Their studies, data and reports have fueled growth of many action sports brands, spurred investors to invest and onlookers to take a better look at the dynamic action sports industry.

To celebrate their first 10 years Board-Trac is offering 30% off on any report available from the online store.  With purchase of any of the annual reports, Size of Market reports, ASR Seminars or a subscription to Trend Watch, a 30% discount will be given at checkout.

“It’s a way to give back a little to the industry”, said Angelo Ponzi, Board-Trac co-founder. “We wanted to make our data available because it’s so essential for strategic planning, design and distribution planning and simply to grow a business.  Since day one our strategy was to help this industry really understand its consumer and the fact that we’re here 10 years later says we must provide a significant value.”

From Goldman Sachs and Bank of America to Nike, O’Neill and Burton, Board-Trac data on surfers, skateboarders and skateboarders are used in boardrooms and cubicles around the world to plan strategies and simply to understand who these board riding folks really are.