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L*Space Joins Forces with C&C Partners

April 1, 2008

L*Space Joins Forces with C&C Partners

L*Space founder Monica Wise has joined forces with industry veterans Dac Clark and Paul Carr, owners of C&C Partners, to develop the popular L*Space brand. They have finalized a partnership agreement that establishes a new operation called L*Space America that will build upon the company’s present success.

This is the first time that C&C will partner with a company and with their help the new operating system for L*Space will offer a deep source of capital for expansion. “We plan to make a substantial investment into the development of the brand,” said Carr. “With Monica at the helm we are confident that the L*Space brand will reach new heights.”

“We don’t plan to make very many changes to the current L*Space program other than allowing Monica to focus more on design and marketing while we provide much needed growth capital,” Clark said. “Monica Wise is extremely talented and she has built an exceptional brand. Paul and I are looking forward to working closely with her in building the L*Space brand in the USA and globally.”

Monica stated, “I am thrilled to work with Dac and Paul. They are great guys with an excellent track record and they will make great partners - they are totally committed to the success of L*Space and they bring a level of experience that we will need in the future.”

L*Space was last year’s winner for “Swim Brand of The Year” at the SIMA Image Awards. The L*Space brand is one today’s leading product innovators in the women’s swim market. The L*Space brand was founded by Monica Wise who was the brand’s sole owner and designer. Monica will continue to develop the brand as the President and will continue to design the products and manage L*Space’s strategic branding.

C&C Partners will continue to manage their other brands, the rapidly growing SANUK footwear brand and the innovative LIQUID FORCE wakeboard apparel line. Dac & Paul have been involved in the development and expansion of a number of the Surf Industry’s brand’s over the last 30 years including SANUK, LIQUID FORCE Apparel, RUSTY (USA and Globally), REDSAND and once industry leader, GOTCHA.