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The Verge Project Announces Call for Mentors

April 7, 2008

The Verge Project Announces Call for Mentors

The Verge Project is pleased to announce an open call for qualified mentors to coach selected college students in their pursuit of building a career in the Action Sports Industry (ASI). Mentors will help students learn the ropes of working in the ASI and how to better their chances of landing a job. This benefits not only the mentees, but additionally the mentors and the ASI by ultimately receiving an influx of educated, motivated, passionate people into our respective industries. 

Training by the mentors for the students will include:

- How, when and where to approach people to make connections and gain information.
- How to properly apply for a job and who to talk to internally.
- How their passion and knowledge can improve the industry they love, and the impact they can have on a company.
- The workings of the Actions Sports Industry, i.e., what the mentee should expect if they break in.
- How to get ahead once they get in.

To meet the requirements to be involved with the program, Mentors must currently hold a job within the ASI, and be available to their mentee for a minimum of 30 minutes a week, for no less than a total of four weeks. (i.e. two 15 minute phone calls, one 30 minute lunch meeting, etc.)

There is no cost involved in this program other than your time. To learn more about the Verge Project and apply to be a mentor, please e-mail [email protected].

Let’s pave the way.