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IPATH Celebrates Earth Day at Bob Burnquist's Organic Farm and Skate Complex

April 22, 2008

IPATH Celebrates Earth Day at Bob Burnquist's Organic Farm and Skate Complex

IPATH, the iconic brand that first ushered eco-friendly materials into skateboard footwear in 1999, celebrated Earth Day early this year.  On Monday, employees and team members from the Southern California sneaker brand gathered at Carlsbad State Beach Monday morning for a group trash pickup before heading to Bob Burnquist's organic farm and session his massive backyard complex.

In addition to IPATH's internal employees, skate team riders Nilton Neves, Ben Raybourn, Aaron "Jaws" Homoki and Danny DiCola joined surf team rider Pat Millin in sessioning Bob's backyard vert ramp, mega ramp and full-pipe.   Representatives from the Action Sports Environmental Coalition, acai drink manufacturer Sambazon and Chipotle were also on hand participating in the action.

"Going green isn't a fad, it's a movement IPATH has been a part of since our beginning and we're thrilled others are joining us," said Bruce Gordon, IPATH's general manager.  "Having guys like Bob skate for IPATH shows that you can build eco-friendly products without having to sacrifice durability or style."

The day also marked the upcoming release of Bob's long awaited first shoe with IPATH, a modified version of the popular Grasshopper model.  The new Burnquist Grasshopper holds up to the extraordinary punishment Bob doles out when skating on his massive backyard Mega-Ramp.  Featuring a hemp-constructed upper with reinforced stitching, the new Burnquist Grasshopper also incorporates Bob's signature logo into the tongue, ankle strap and heel panel.

"Sliding out of a fall on the Mega-Ramp can be brutal on your shoes, you can easily wear through a new pair in only a couple of days," commented Bob.  "The hemp upper on my new shoe holds up shockingly well.  I can skate for weeks at a time in my IPATH's versus only days in shoes made from other materials."

Members the action sports media came out in force as well, including Transworld Skateboarding, The Skateboard Mag and FuelTV, shooting and filming everything that was going down.