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TRANSWORLD SURF Presents the Cali' Rally

April 30, 2008

TRANSWORLD SURF Presents the Cali' Rally
500 Missions, 832 Miles, Winner Takes All!

Four teams of four surfers will compete in a 10-day Cannonball Run style scavenger hunt spanning from San Diego to Santa Cruz in the First Annual Transworld SURF Cali Rally. Teams from Hurley, Lost, Volcom, and Billabong will travel up the coast with a photographer, videographer, team manager challenging themselves to win points by performing the most outrageous and creative stunts that the minds at Transworld SURF could come up with.

The Cali Rally begins on July 10 in San Diego at the Pacific Beach Pier where the teams will receive their Cali Rally challenge and rule book outlining the first leg of their journey. Then teams will battle at the first of four mandatory “Checkpoint Challenges” where sponsors including Hurley, Billabong, Volcom, Lost, Pacsun, Nixon and Sector 9 have helped to come up with some imaginative ways for each team to win their way to the next region.

In addition to each Checkpoint Challenge, teams will have to go through a battery of overall and regional challenges ranging from getting a team tattoo to surfing dressed as a pirate at Buccaneer Beach to riding a team wave or getting a tandem barrel and much, much more. Each challenge will be assigned a point value and the team with the most points at the end will win the title of the first ever Transworld SURF Cali Rally champion. The contest will culminate at the Cali Rally ender party on Thursday, July 24 during the US Open of Surfing (location TBD).

“I’m really looking forward to some serious mayhem, madness, destruction, love, and fun during the first ever Cali Rally,” says Editor in Chief Chris Cote. “I don’t think the teams know what they’re in for, and I know that the state of California has no idea what's about to happen—fasten your seatbelts, the Cali Rally is gonna be awesome!”

“The Cali Rally is something different and fun that includes our two favorite things; surfing and friends,” said Chad DiNenna, Director of Marketing for Nixon. “Any chance to step outside the box on one of TW’s hair brained ideas of an event feels like the right thing to do and Nixon is stoked to be a part of it.”

For more about the Transworld SURF’s Cali Rally including photos, videos, and live blogs from the road, please visit For a complete look at debauchery that is the Cali Rally, pick up a copy of Transworld SURF magazine.