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ActionWatch Retail Panel Reports Sales Revenue Statistics

June 2, 2008

ActionWatch Retail Panel Reports Sales Revenue Up in First Quarter, but Down in April

Sales revenue figures compiled from the ActionWatch Retail Panel show that sales in the combined three months of Q1 2008 were up by 4.5% over sales in the first quarter of 2007. However, sales in the first month of the second quarter were down 1.6% compared to April 2007. While sales of apparel and hardgoods were down in this period, sales of footwear and accessories were higher than in April last year. This data only includes stores that were on the panel in the same periods of both 2007 and 2008 to provide an apples-to-apples comparison.

The growing ActionWatch Retail Panel is currently made up of over 140 surf and/or skateboard specialty stores in the U.S. who use their electronic sales and inventory management systems to report sales at the end of each month. Retailers participating in the panel receive free access to detailed monthly reports which include year-over-year sales comparisons of each significant product category carried in this retail channel.

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