Industry News 6/23/2008

Billabong Launches New Wake Website

Billabong Launches New Website "Out of the Pond"
The Website will Promote“Out of the Pond,” a First Ever Wake Video Will Present a Portrait of the Sport

Billabong announces the launch of the “Out of the Pond” website, a site promoting the upcoming release of Billabong’s first ever Wakeboard Video.

“Out of the Pond” follows the Billabong Wake Team around the globe as they examine the definition of the sport of wakeboarding and proceed to push the boundaries of that definition.

The site features the first “official” trailer of “Out of the Pond” along with Bios of the Billabong Team Riders featured in the film. “The website gives you some insight into each of the riders and their personalities, and the trailer itself really gives you a feel for what the film is about,” says Chris Heffner, Billabong Team Manager and producer of “Out of the Pond.”

Set to be released Fall 2008, “Out of the Pond” is Billabong’s first video on Wakeboarding. Check back to the site regularly as Billabong will be releasing updates until the film’s release, including more trailers, ads and upcoming tour dates.

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