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Millions of Skateboarders Worldwide Took Part in the Holiday They Call Their Own

June 26, 2008

Millions of Skateboarders Worldwide Took Part in the Holiday They Call Their Own
Events Around the Globe Encouraged All Skateboarders to Celebrate GSD on June 21, 2008

Though most skateboarders consider everyday Go Skateboarding Day (GSD), this past Saturday skateboarders across the world united to celebrate the official holiday of their sport and passion.  Saturday, June 21, 2008, marked the 5th Annual International Go Skateboarding Day. received more than half of a million hits on the website throughout the day and more than 400 events were posted on the website.  With the aid of the internet and the growth in popularity of the sport over the years, IASC witnessed an exciting growth in the number of national and international events this year including strong showings in countries such as Brazil, China, England, Norway and Thailand.

Highlighting the numerous celebrations around the world were clinics held at locations such as Allen’s Edge Skate Park in Texas and Keo-puolani Skate Park in Hawaii, which inspired and encouraged kids to participate in a healthy activity and further the growth of the sport. Skateboard retailers and companies like, Beyond Board Skateshop, Skateboard Plus, Convoy Skateboards, Skate Legion, Converse, Emerica, Vans, Globe, Dwindle and Quiksilver to name a few hosted contests and demos, most of which included the ever popular summer barbecue, raffles, giveaways and autograph signing sessions by the pros.  In Andover, MA, local skateboarders raised money to repair their city’s skate parks and support the production of new ones. Skateboarders in New York City, Baltimore, Seattle, Mt. Shasta and Philadelphia held up their yearly traditions of skateboarding as communities in massive groups down the major streets in their cities.

Although skateboarding is generally known as an individual sport, riders astonished the public as they collectively celebrated the sport and showed support and a strong sense of camaraderie for one another throughout the day at each event.  One skateboarder drove five hours from Pittsburgh, PA, to his hometown of Berkley, PA, just to participate with those that he grew up skating with and in the location that meant the most to him. 

The tables are turning slowly but surely for skateboarders as society is continuing to support the skateboard culture and lifestyle as opposed to viewing skaters in a negative light as was the case even recently in many cities:    

• The Mayor of Marietta, Michael Mullen proclaimed June 21st as an official holiday and provided police escorts for more than 40 skateboarders down the street to their local skate park in an effort to raise money for their local skate parks.
• Professional skateboarder Bucky Lasek was presented by the city of Baltimore, MD, with his own holiday, “Bucky Lasek Day.”
• Skateboarders in Kirkland Lake, Canada, received a police escort from a location in their town to their local skate park.

For more information on GSD events that occurred in your area or that are being planned for next year and to see how you can get involved in the future, visit or check with your local skateboard retailer.