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Glenn Brumage Joins Tum Yeto, Inc.

July 3, 2008

Glenn Brumage Joins Tum Yeto, Inc.

Tum Yeto, Inc. is proud to announce that Glenn Brumage has joined the company. That's right! Glenn Brumage is part of the Tum Yeto crew as Director of Sales & Departmental Solutionator. Glenn has been in the Action Sports industry for over 25 years and has been involved with everything from owning a five-man Sales Rep Agency to being a buyer at Hobie Sports. His most recent attributes to the industry include his previous VP Sales and Marketing position at Matt Hensley's Innes Clothing and his current involvement as an IASC board member. It is obvious that Glenn understands the Action Sports Industry inside and out and Tum Yeto is very excited to have him on board.

Tod Swank, founder of Tum Yeto, is confident that this new addition is going to further develop the company and it's domination within the industry. Swank says, "Glenn and I have known each other with us both being Board of Directors for IASC as well as through his time with Innes. I have been looking for someone who can duplicate what I do at Tum Yeto but more sales driven with that experience. I think Glenn fits that description. We are going to work hand in hand to help our internal and external reps provide the best customer service possible to our customers. As well as keeping interdepartmental communication on the flow at Tum Yeto. Looking forward to working with Glenn and inflicting some serious Tum Yeto global domination going forward".

Glenn is also extremely stoked to be a part of the Tum Yeto family. Glenn holds Tum Yeto in high regard, stating, "It's a talented group, the brands are respected and solid, the teams are full of top talent and sales have been growing... Dekline is especially exciting. I probably shouldn't be, but I was surprised at the technical design and quality. I'm really impressed with the Hybrid design of minus -150g. It's everything Cup Sole and Vulc aren't by themselves. With the addition of Jason Lee and Chris Pastras to the already solid team, it's obvious that Dekline is on the move".

Needless to say, Tum Yeto Inc. and Glenn Brumage are psyched to be working together and are looking forward to continuing the company's success in the up and coming seasons.