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IPATH's Jaws Sighting at X-Games XIV

July 30, 2008

IPATH's Jaws Sighting at X-Games XIV

On the heels of his walk-on second place performance at the Bowlriders event in Sweden, IPATH's Aaron 'Jaws' Homoki will be making his first X-Games appearance this week in the Super Park event. Seventeen years old and under 100 pounds, Jaws joins IPATH's Ben Raybourn as one of the hottest additions to the IPATH team in recent months.

Anyone that's seen Jaws skate knows he has a deep bag of tricks that blends classic moves with new school style.  A single run may link a blunt to kickflip out to a boneless 360 and then a McTwist.  Like most of the IPATH team, Jaws doesn't categorize his skating as street or transition. He just skates.

Jaws joins IPATH pro Bob Burnquist, who'll be joining him in the Super Park event, in addition to competing in both Vert and Mega Ramp.  In addition to IPATH, Jaws rolls with Enjoi, Bones Wheels and Industrial Ride Shop.