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WWW.GOBOARDING.COM Launches On-Line Yardsale

August 1, 2008

WWW.GOBOARDING.COM Launches On-Line Yardsale
Two former Quiksilver.Com'ers Come Together to Bring Craigslist to Action Sports

Amongst a frenzy of on-line activity in the core surf/skate/snow communities, long time friends Matt Patterson and George Opadchy have built an international bridge between So Cal and Sydney, Aus to create WWW.GOBOARDING.COM. The site is part e-bay, part craigs list and 100% user friendly for surfers, skaters and snowboarders.

“The motivation for it was the numerous all-things-to-all-people websites like eBay, Craig’s list, etc… Core surfers don’t want to buy surfboards at the same place they buy knick-knacks,” said Patterson.

The site allows general users to post one item for free per month – for more than one concurrent item, a fee of $2 per item is charged. Setting up the account is free.

Retailers are given special retail accounts which allows them to post unlimited items for a flat monthly fee.

"It was originally aimed at the second hand market, but after speaking to a couple of shops, it’s clear that retailers wanted to post new product on there too – so we rebuilt it. We will be giving retailers their own accounts with special product management features and full e-commerce capabilities for a tiny fraction of the cost of building their own e-commerce site ,” said Opadchy
There is a special multi-publishing feature (MPF) for retailers who do not currently have their own e-commerce website – or even a website at all. The MPF allows retailers to post items onto and have those items automatically appear on their own stores website – still with full ecommerce. With our system, they can manage and publish items on two websites. features a product management system which allows the most technophobic to post new items, hide items when out of stock, re-post items when back in stock, edit item details or delete items.

George has a long history of working behind the scenes in the surf industry – “I started with Sun Bum when they only made deck grip (Gorilla Grip) right through till they made fins (FCS).” For the past 15 years I worked as a contractor for Quiksilver and produced all the media content from the Crossing, worked on just about every Quiksilver event over the past 10 years, looking after shooting, editing and news feeds, etc. I produced Letting Go, 1st Chapter, Shimmer, Young Guns 1, Young Guns 3, and Boarding Pass. 
Opadchy’s company – The Construction Site, has a successful track record in the online world. In 2000 he and partners Peter Somogyi and Jason Muir launched what is now Australia’s largest online dating site – and it has expanded to several other countries. We also made dozens of other sites including sites for Quiksilver, Roxy, L’Oreal, Midori, the Australian Radio Network, Frangelico, Moet-Hennessey, Suntory Vodka, Mortgage Choice, Telstra, The Australian Federal Court, Skandia, Deutche Bank, and many other clients.

"George was a contractor to us when I was employed by Quiksilver. We worked together on and all the event minisites - building the content and structure for their websites for many years and always wondered why no-one else had built this site already. We felt that the surf/snow/skate industries would be well served with a dedicated site with ‘industry-exclusive’ features and categories. The giant one-site-fits-all websites don’t work for all industries.” said Patterson.